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[141018] Yunho at SMTown in Shanghai - p2

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[141018] Yunho at SMTown in Shanghai - p1

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It looks like Yun is holding a pack of cigarettes in that photo. That might be the reason it was taken down :/

that issue was clarified in its moment, isn’t it? but if that was the reason is smtownglobal fault for no take care about what post

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what happened with sm?

nothing new, as always i hate sm

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what happened now :((( ???

i’m really upset at smtownglobal, they made a tweet of smt in shanghai using a yunho’s pic

and after minutes they deleted it and make another twitter with different pic, why? what is the reason?

2nd they release a lots of pics of smt in shanghai, more than 100, just 5 of tvxq, the other groups has lots of bts/stage pics, they just post some tvxq pics after fans claiming for

fuck yourself sm, fuck you
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[141018] I love him with all my heart, no one can replace him in my life, I’m so proud of him, no words can express my feelings.



I’m not only a Yunho biased, I’m a Proud Fan of Yunho 

[141018] Yunho changed his clothes at the end of SMT concert 😍😍😍

[141018] SMTown in Shanghai ~ KYHD Intro

[HQ] 141018 Yunho at Incheon Ap heading to Shanghai - p3

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