THSK Tree Tour in Yokohama ~ Yunho solo “Shout out”

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●Breeding Poison

●Shinjiru Mama

●I Love U

●Wedding Dress

●Hide & Seek

●Changmin Solo-Over

●Yunho Solo-Shout Out



●Why(Keep Your Head Down)(Jp)


●Tree Of Life

●Miss You


●Goodbye For Now


[cr. comp]

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➮Changmin: I have a dog in my house, but it doesn’t listen to me. Everybody here isn’t even part of my family, so thank you for listening to me.

[YxCxY_0212 + Jap-Kor by tvxqyoonmin]

➮Yunho: (boldly) Changmin is pretty cute today.
Changmin: … My… visual image… Please do not evaluate it in anyway you like.

[Jap-Kor trans by tvxqyoonmin]

➮=about how the dancers for “Wedding Dress” are a real married couple=
Changmin: Up till when can a couple be considered still “newlyweds”?
Yunho: According to my analysis, about a year
Changmin: I’m envious. That’s cool!
Yunho (facing Changmin): I know that.

[Jap-Kor trans by tvxqyoonmin]

➮When Changmin went off to prepare for his solo stage, the fans shouted ‘U-Know~ U-Know”, and Yunho went “I know. I’m Yunho~^^” with a really affectionate expression


Trans. by: mug_ping


➮Red ocean tonight!!!

➮Yunho: Hello everyone, we are Tohoshinki. Welcome to Yokohama, everyone’s so hyped up today. Are you having fun?

➮Yunho: We have some things to let everyone know. Changmin sensei, please say.
Changmin: It was in my mind just now, but I can’t recall now.
Apparently Changmin said some famous quotesㅋㅋ
Changmin: Don’t you have those moments (when you can’t recall what you want to say)?

➮Yunho: After saying so much, I just want to sit down.
Changmin: I forgot about this, let’s all sit down.
Changmin: Even though I’ve said that, no one sat down. We are a family, but no one listens to me.

➮Changmin: We have had so many tours, but I really think the decoration for this tour is the best, esp the decoration for Wedding Dress.

➮Yunho: Talking about this, there’s one male staff among us who got married recently. He’s counted newly married, and we sang Wedding Dress.

➮Tohoshinki talked about the theme of the tour and asked everyone to say “tree” together ㅎ

➮Yunho: For the theme of this tour, Tree, is an indication of our growth thanks to everyone’s love

➮Changmin: Tohoshinki is like a tree; because of everyone’s love and concern, we grow gradually. Hereby, we sincerely thank everyone.

➮Yunho: The conversation today is surprisingly strict

➮Changmin: Talking about Tree, I thought of the themes from Tone & Time tours. Is our theme developing to a weird trend?

➮Changmin: Also, everyone is concerned about Yunho’s leg injury, you are all concerned since the start of the tour.
Changmin: Should Yunho report (the state of his leg injury) to the fans?
Yunho: Thanks to everyone, my leg is getting better. I’ll be more careful in the future, thanks for the concern.
Changmin: Everyone spent money to watch our performance but one of us is injured. It makes people worried.

➮Changmin has went down to the backstage to change his clothes (his solo stage coming up!)

➮Yunho: I’m left alone, it’s a bit lonely. Thanking about this, I had a weird dream recently.

➮Yunho: Talking about Tohoshinki, we always present our best side in front of everyone, no matter if it’s singing or dancing.

➮Yunho: I hope we can continue to present our best side to you in the future too.
Yunho: Why do I feel Changmin is so cute today?
Changmin: Please do not define my looks casually. ㅋㅋㅋ


➮Yunho’s solo stage now!
Yunho: Shout out! One more time! Shout out!

➮Encore – Miss You!

➮Changmin: This is a most powerful song among all the first songs in our encore performances. Although it’s vigorous but I’m still very happy

➮Changmin: I’m really very happy, after all this is a song from 8 years ago

➮Yunho: It’s indeed an old song, however everyone may not be that happy. After all, this means everyone is growing, becoming older.

➮Changmin: This also shows that Tohoshinki is progressing without stopping.

➮Yunho: We perform different types of songs in such a long time.

➮Changmin: Also, in this tour, we stood and sang for everyone, closing the distance we have with everyone.

➮Changmin: Especially in last year, we were at the 5 biggest domes. We even performed for everyone at the Nissan Stadium.

➮Yunho: Changmin always says such wonderful words. As we are at a smaller venue in arena, we can interact with everyone at a nearer distance.

➮Yunho: This is good; no matter what we do, everyone can see us clearly.
Changmin: Yes, I saw a mother at the front row discussing (about us).
Yunho: We should introduce our next song.
Changmin: Coming up next is a new song.
Yunho: We will be releasing a new song in June.
Changmin: Yes, it’ll be our new song. It presents a different style from our usual performance

➮Changmin: I can eat all the local food and while eating, I can (doing the action of drinking). Just a thought of this gets me excited.


➮Changmin: Is everyone happy?
Fans: Yes!
Changmin: One more time! Is everyone happy?
Fans: YES
They’re singing Goodbye For Now.

➮Changmin: This song will be the last for this concert, I hope everyone can sing together with us.

➮Yunho is asking the fans to sing “lu-pan-pan” (lyrics in Goodbye For Now)~
ㅋㅋㅋ they demonstrated a high pitch version of lu-pan-pan and asked fans to sing.

➮Tohoshinki asking fans to give the staffs, dancers and live band members a round of applause

➮Yunho: We are?
Fans: T!!!
Tohoshinki: Byebye
Fans: Byebyebyebyebye

Trans. by: yunjaery


➮Now, we’re moving to next song
Fans: Ehhh~~~


➮Changmin: Even though we’ve danced, sung for 10 years, it seems Tohoshinki’s trend/direction is still very different.


➮Yunho: Because we’re artists~ so we would take responsibility of singing, dancing and even being MC. (Yunho talks with a smug face)


➮Changmin: Sit down, please
Fans: Changmin ah
Changmin: keep silent!! I just told you guys to sit down, what have you kept screaming?


Trans. by: uknow4max


➮Changmin ended Shinjirumamani with kissing back of his hand AGAIN and that “Chu<3” sounded really good! So dead


➮Changmin: I’m gonna eat all the yummy food with *gulp* (drinking beer gesture) in every city!


➮Changmin’s underwear was BLACK (probably with white line) Yunho’s underwear didn’t show off XD


➮Yunho was definitely emotional than last year. He did We Are T and said “please share this passion with everybody”


➮Changmin was full of energy till the end, dancing so fine. Yunho & Changmin’s skin looked super good. No pimple at all<3 


➮At the beginning of SOMEBODY TO LOVE, Yunho and Changmin are facing each other and Yunho didn’t take his eyes off from Changmin not for even a second


Trans. by: LuvTV2XQ


➮Yunho: Before we perform the next song, let us explain the details of the song properly.
Changmin: It’s a song that has the uncontrollable passion of summer in it. Can I reveal the title of the song now? It’s called SWEAT.
Yunho: It’s not the sportswear sort of SWEAT!
T/N: The pronunciation of SWEAT in Japanese, which is mostly used in the materials of sportswear, is ‘Jaji’.
Changmin: !!!!!!!! /panicking at whatever Yunho is trying to imply/
Yunho: Because yesterday, when Changmin was giving an introduction and explanation to the song SWEAT, everybody was going ‘Eyyyyy? Ja~ji~??
Changmin: Do you mena the very perverse/dirty term?
T/N: In Korean, the pronunciation of ‘Jaji’ refers to the male genitals.
Changmin: Using that word to introduce the tile of our song makes me really shy..


Trans. by: tohoshenqi


➮Changmin: because the arena is small, so we can see clearly what’s everyone doing. He saw a mother fan at the first row whom keep discussing.

➮During talk time, Yunho went to Changmin and asked why he speak in Korean.

➮Changmin’s underwear is black and possible to be white strip at the top!!


➮Changmin: I have a small dog at home but it doesn’t listen to me. Everyone here were not my family yet listens to me. so thankful!


Trans. by: Yunho_Uknow


➮I enjoyed the concert more than the 1st day, should it be because I was at ease? I’m just their fan for 2 years, and I was lonely yesterday since I didn’t know their old songs, so I downloaded them this morning and heard them again and again!
I understand the reason why the fans from the 5 members’ time became so emotional… Today again, the lady sitting next to me was cyring, hearing the song. I also shed tears together…


➮Changmin looked so happy singing “Miss you” during the encore, I was at a loss for words. Changmin said “(t/n: Previously) the encore was always full of dance tunes. But this time (t/n: the song was “Miss you”, so), it is not a feeling of like/hate, I’m just happy.” He said the song brings back memories.


Trans. by: yunhosmiley



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#tvxq #yunho

Yunho seem emotional in Goodbye For Now yday n more tonignt. he was making lots of cute faces tonight to stop looking so emotional, i think. (_cat206)

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140422 東方神起Live Tour 2014 ~Tree ~ Yokohama 1st day ~ Yunho

cr: nodako206 + HellYM + as tag

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140422 CM: Does everyone know this time's album title?
Fans: Seeu-ree!
YH: Wrong wrong! It's "Too-ree"
CM: Are you sure it's "Too-ree"? It should be TREE/pronounces it accurately/ TREE, you know?
YH: OH! My name is U-know!
.....awkward silence
cr: nodako206 + KatHeartsJJ
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[trans] Tohoshinki Live Tour Yokohama Arena 140422 - Ment

Changmin: Although this is something which everybody is the most concerned about… Although right from the start, you have been dancing just like someone who did not have any injuries… is your injury ok?

Yunho: You’re referring to?

Changmin: I’m talking about teacher (sensei)(referring to Yunho)! Please be careful!

Yunho: Health is the most important! (laughs)


Changmin: Because you guys have continuously been standing, you guys should be getting tired, so I’m currently thinking if I should request that you all sit down.

So while fans were discussing this with Changmin, they sat down. 

Changmin then went “I still haven’t said that you guys can sit down! I only said that I was thinking about it!”

[cr: kyoumo0206]

[trans] Tohoshinki Live Tour Yokohama Arena 140422 Ending Ment 

Yunho: I think it would be great if everybody can gather courage, love and hope through Tohoshinki’s live songs. 

Changmin: We will work hard in the future too, such that while we are receiving everybody’s cheers and support, we can also become the tree called “Tohoshinki”.

[cr: sayu_urin33 + Jap-Kor trans by tvxqyoonmin]

trans by mug_ping


[LIVE REPORT] TVXQ TREE TOUR Yokohama Arena Day 1.
CH: I’m sure there is a topic that everyone is curious/ worried of. It was a topic which even came on the news…
YH: Ehh? what are you talking about (acts like he doesn’t know)?
CH: It’s about master’s (or teacher’s) injury on the leg.
YH: Oh, because everyone worried and cheered for me, I was able to recover 80%.

[REPORT] TVXQ TREE TOUR @ Yokohama Day 1.
- Yunho’s expressions were peaceful from the beginning of the show and throughout.
- Changmin seemed nervous at the start. *Probably because he was worried about Yunho’s leg.*
- Yunho looked like he was about to cry at the end of the show, as his eyes looked glassy.
- many of the audience cried during “Miss You”.
- the concert was different from the pattern of the previous concerts like TONE and TIME. Partly perhaps because of Yunho’s injury, there were dance numbers but was not at the extent of doing too much. Since it was different from the other tours, it was interesting.

[LIVE REPORT] TVXQ TREE TOUR @ Yokohama Day 1- Talk.
CH: The female dancers are actually the wives of two TOHO-dancers. While the two pair of couples did a couple dance, I was observing at how they were dancing. One pair were dancing, looking lost in each others’ eyes. Whereas the other couple, were too into their own dance that they did not even exchange a glance.
YH: Dome tours and Nissan were of course very fun but I’m glad I am able to be closer to the fans at Yokohama Arena.
CH: I’ve even seen a child who was dragged here by his mother! He’s saying that he wants to go home!

trans by la_dolce_vita_8


[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount #TohoTreeTour
CM Can i go change clothes?
YH: Do it fast and go back right after
CM: I want to straighten my hair, drink water, go to the toilet…
YH: Do it fast and go back right after
CM: Sleeping in the dressing room…
YH: Do it fast and go back right after

RT @homichoko: 【TREE横浜レポ】
( ´・J・`)<着替えに行ってもいいですか
( ´・J・`)<髪直したいしぃ、水飲みたいしぃ、トイレ行きたいしぃ…
( ´・J・`)<控え室で休みたいかなって…w

[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount Yokohama Day1 #TohoTreeTour

Changmin, “I have a request. Right now, the lift is up so you can all say if you want the lift up or down.”
Fans “Down!!”
Changmin, “Please listen to these people until the end, if they say down then…”
(The staff then lower the lift)
Changmin “So yeah..”


[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount Yokohama Day1 #TohoTreeTour

Changmin, “The new single is coming on June 11th..”
Yunho, “11th? eh its last week„ it’s a mistake.. (mumbles mumbles)”
Changmin, “……The new single coming out on ‘June’!!!!”


Trans by @ndyho ^^

[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount Yokohama Day1 #TohoTreeTour
Costume Summary
1. Composer
2. Chic lumberjack
3. AVEX School Dance Children (Especially Changmin)
4. Eccentric Enka Singers
5. Earth Defence Force
6. Byune Kun (Changmin Solo) [T/N not sure who or what this is]
7. Flashy Zebra
8. Enemy of Earth Defence Force
9. Curtain
10 Casual style Madam

RT @nanohanaFC: 【衣装まとめ】

[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount Yokohama Day1 #TohoTreeTour

Talks about album title
Bigeast: Tree!
Changmin: There are no people here..
Yunho: Its calles Tree, ne! The pronounciation is TREE. You know? My Name is U-know
Changmin: Yeah, I rrreally envy your name~
RT @a2m69: 【横アリTREE4/22】
ユノ「ツリーって言ってますね!発音はトゥリー!You know?おっ!My name is U-Know?」


[Trans] 140422 Fanaccount Yokohama Day1 #TohoTreeTour

Encore MC
Yunho, “Performing in Stadium is so nice but like this is happy to i’m able to look at everyone’s happy faces.”
Changmin, “There are also people yawning, I can see that they come here against their will to accompany someone.”
Yunho, “I dont think it’s like that. kekeke”

#tohoshinki_tree_tour #tohoshinki

Trans by @ndyho ^^


[trans] When the female dancers for Spellbound came out, the response from Bigeasts were explosive screaming “stop it!!!” lol (0206yhken)

[trans] For today’s Easy Mind perf, since Yunho lost against Changmin, he did his own solo aegyo facing the camera. Lastly, Yunho told Changmin to do the same and Changmin did it but the camera didn’t take it ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (0206yhken)

trans by sehunownsme


First song is Champion!

Both Yunho & Changmin have center parting hairstyles except that Changmin’s is more curly. [HellYM]

Cheering just ended. It’s Ai Wo Motto (Love More) now. [HellYM]

Yunho’s hairstyle is not curled, it’s in a dark blond color. Changmin’s hairstyle is parted in center, a little curled. [tvxqyoonmin]

Yunho danced very well today, his injury should be healing fully already. [tvxqyoonmin]

They’re singing Wedding Dress now. There’s a fountain in the middle of the circle stage & male + female dancers in suit. [HellYM]

"VCR seems very high class too" they’re introducing live band and dancers now. [nodako206]

During Breeding Poison, Tohoshinki wore black jacket & golden vest with a black laced-singlet. [nodako206]

Changmin: Everyone knows the name of this album right? Fans: Tee-ree! Yunho: Wrong, wrong! It’s Thoo-ree. [nodako206]

Changmin: Are you sure it’s “Thoo-ree”? It’s Tree (accurate pronunciation), Tree, you know? Yunho: Oh! My name is uknow! Fans: ..[nodako206]

Yunho said that his leg is about 80% recovered and it should recover faster because of everyone’s support. [HellYM]


Yunho’s solo now! He’s wearing black shades, leather jacket and a portable microphone. He asked everyone to shout “Shout out”.

Yunho looks so cool. He kept flicking his hair and he’s so hyper holding the microphone stand. [nodako206]


Tohoshinki sang Easy Mind after Keep Your Head Down. The huge difference in the songsㅋㅋ [HellYM]

Tohoshinki walked from the side to the stage, they’re performing Miss You now! [HellYM]


trans by yunjaery


- Talk time:


Yunho said that his leg is 80% recovered, and said he’ll get better quickly because of everyone’s support :) cr:豆花吧新闻扒抱社 get well soon bb

- Encore talk:


trans by KaTHeartsJJ


[trans] #TohoTreeTour Yokohama Day 1- As Yunho’s leg isn’t 100%, while he was jumping, it seemed like he would land carefully. Look like he’s been working out ‘cos of his arms! cr:camellia206

[trans] #TohoTreeTour Yokohama Day 1- During the Spellbound/Something performance at Yunho’s part- Yunho’s friend & the ppl at the casino got into a disagreement & Yunho stepped up to the rescue. During Changmin’s part- it was abt him and his friends running into dodgy ppl at the casino. The rope performance was well-done! cr: camellia206

[trans] #TohoTreeTour Yokohama Day 1- During Somebody to Love- when the boys shouted out ’ YOKOHAMA’ - was I the only one afraid that they would shout out the wrong name? cr: camellia206 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[trans] #TohoTreeTour Yokohama Day 1- During the MC time, Shim teacher didn’t just teach us the proper pronunciation of ‘Tree’, he also taught us how to pronounce ‘Tone’ and ‘Time’. While Shim teacher was pronouncing it, Jung teacher would be spelling it out - ‘T-o-n-e. T-i-m-e.’ Shim teacher said ‘ah, thank you’. cr: camellia206 ㅋ

trans by snxy


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❝I finally realized this time, health is the most important!❞
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[Audio] 140422 THSK Tree Tour in Yokohama D1 ~ Yunho’s solo stage

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東方神起Live Tour 2014 ~Tree ~ Yokohama 1st day ~ Yunho talk time + solo

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東方神起Live Tour 2014 ~Tree ~ Yokohama 1st day

#tvxq #dbsk #yunho #changmin #tree tour

東方神起Live Tour 2014 ~Tree ~ Yokohama 1st day

#tvxq #dbsk #yunho #changmin #tree tour