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i hate jj stans, they hate yunho so bad, call him fugho, i dont know why they follow yunho's news, they know all about yunho more than his owns fans, i dont want start hate their oppar too

fugho? what means it?

mmmmmm hahahhaha poor them, they need a psychiatrist right now lol

Don’t take care about those crazy bitches, at the end their feelings, thoughts, words not hurts Yunho in any way. Why?

1st: They mean nothing because they are people with lack of brain,
seeking the minimum excuse to hate someone, full of bitterness and hatred, aren’t able to be happy, the reason why even the happiness of the people that they love doesn’t make them feel good, they have no discretion to think, reaching the idiocy, etc. So they not deserve the slightest attention or care.
2nd: What they think, say or feel, behind a computer will not make Yunho stop to achieve his objectives, although that is what they most want, much it hurts, Yunho remains the same as always, full of aspirations, dreams, goals and the ability to make each of them.
What don’t realize those poor subnormal people is that everything that they do or say unwittingly makes yunho have more desire to do things that he proposed to himself…and he do them very well.

So don’t pay attention to them, let them continue live their poor life full of bitterness, we just need’s focus on how perfect is Yunho, how we are proud of him, support him in the best way possible, don’t fall into idiocy, not go down to the same level as those poor people, avoid damaging the image of Yunho doing what these people do.


cuando los perros ladran es señal de que estamos avanzando, así que por favor sigan ladrando perras jajajajajajajaja

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I want to show everybody the appearance of me slowly improving. I want to become an actor who is always growing amidst those scoldings.
[trans] “Night Watchman” Completely Transformed Jung Yunho, Dispelling Doubts over his Acting Ability

-Please note: There are spoilers in this article. I could not leave them out, as the spoilers are integral to understanding the article’s analysis of Yunho’s acting.-

Jung Yunho has completely changed. In the drama “Journal of Night Watchmen”, as if he is dressed in a custom-made outfit in the role of loyal Court officer, Moo Seok, Jung Yunho is currently soaring. He has gotten rid and escaped from the harsh tests ever since he stood up to the challenge of acting, and has taken strides forward to stem the public’s doubts over his acting.

Jung Yunho is currently taking on the role of Moo Seok, who presents a confidante-like presense to Gisangun (Kim Heung Soo) in MBC Monday-Tuesday drama “Journal of Night Watchmen”. Moo Seok is a military officer who is determined and who is full of loyalty towards Gisangun.

Jung Yunho, who made his first appearance in the 3rd episode, cloaked himself with charisma amidst the fanciful action scenes. Following that, he faced off against Lee Rin and while showing his loyalty towards Gisangun, he also displayed the charismatic material elements possessed by the man called Moo Seok. The 5th episode broadcast on 18 August portrayed the story of Gisangun assigning the task of Lee Rin’s guard escort to Moo Seok. During this process, Jung Yunho’s acting was pretty memorable.

Moo Seok’s acquaintance spoke up about his dissatisfaction with Gisangun’s measures, saying “After waving his long sword at the border territories, won’t His Majesty look foolish the people who will not be riled up?” Warrior Moo Seok, who is used to hiding his feelings through his lack of any expression all the time, contorted his facial expressions in an instant and said in a low voice, “Words which dishonour His Majesty, I will not forgive it even if it is you”. Although he did not show his anger in a huge way, Moo Seok’s each and every phrase was even more pointed than whatever type of anger.

Instead of using a tone filled with anger, Jung Yunho’s sharp, pointed gaze expressed Moo Seok’s loyalty, making it particularly effective. From his first appearance, Jung Yunho, who received anticipation through his acting using cold icy gazes while also leaving a visual impression through his skillful action scenes which can be said to be “actions of art”, expressed the warrior Moo Seok in that way, showing everybody the side of him who is pretty adept at emotive control.

In addition, in the scene where he stood out to stop Gisangun after the latter had drawn his sword having developed a misunderstanding that Lee Rin had tried to kill him, Jung Yunho’s emotive acting, which had become considerably skillful, stood out. Moo Seok, who had the realization that he could possibly be killed for his actions, stepped out to stop Gisangun. While pleading with Gisangun with these words, “I am stopping you for Your Majesty’s sake. Your Majesty will become a good king. Your Majesty’s reign cannot have any blemishes. I request that Your Majesty please withdraw your sword”, he was also resolutely drawing his own sword. Moo Seok’s expressions of loyalty towards Gisangun even in the midst of a precarious atmosphere, and his advice were scenes which could not be omitted from that day’s broadcast.

In Moo Seok’s facial expressions, the stern atmosphere as a military officer, and the immense loyalty towards Gisangun, were assimilated and evident. Thanks to that, one has come to predict that the scenes moving forward will portray Moo Seok experiencing immense inner conflict as he stands between Gisangun and Lee Rin, who stands face to face against the violent king Gisangun and who possesses a high possibility that he may become the new king. Jung Yunho’s acting, which was a mix of resolute firmness while yet possessing intense emotions, made scenes like this which will become sub-plots have a sense of completeness. Although it is premature to pass hasty judgment because the drama is still in its first half, there is a high possibility that he will shake off the controversy regarding his acting abilities which has been plaguing him.

After making his debut as a member of TVXQ in 2004, Jung Yunho is red hot as an top idol domestically. After stepping out to take on a challenge in acting through “Heading to the Ground” in 2009, he made various fervent knocks at the door to the small screens through “Poseidon” (2001), “Queen of Ambition” (2013) and “Journal of Night Watchmen”. Just like any idol, akin to a rite of passage, Jung Yunho is in the midst of receiving sharp critique on his acting. Watching the drama this time around till present, the possibility is high that this may be a turning point in his acting life where he can change criticism into praise.

This is because Jung Yunho, who had revealed, at the time of the production press conference of “Journal of Night Watchmen”, his resolution to show everybody his hardworking side, has met with a warrior character with overflowing charisma which is suitable for himself and is towing the popularity of the drama through his acting, which has improved by yet another level. Digesting the emotive acting with ease to express the firm will of the character called Moo Seok, who is overflowing with suaveness with each and every one of his actions, we have come to develop anticipation for his acting of his internal conflict in the future.


F: naver | Trans by mug_ping

무석 » EP06

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Making video for the October issue of WITH - Tohoshinki [x]

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Yunho proved in Night Watchmen to what extent his acting has been improved

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140818  back to Korea - 2

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140818  back to Korea - 1

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